February 20, 2014

Tauriel Costume

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth fan I am.  I believe it was last year’s project for the first Hobbit film that made me decide I needed to start blogging my costume attempts.  Click here to see it.  So for Desolation of Smaug I absolutely needed an outfit, and this year I was determined to do a reproduction.

I decided to model my costume after the elven character Tauriel.  But because the film hadn’t been released, I only had promo pictures to work from for accuracy…so when I was watching the film I realized I was completely wrong in some parts of the costume.  But- here is my attempt at one of Tauriel’s costumes.

For those of you who sometimes ask which pattern I use, I am proud to announce that I don’t use patterns, well, 95% of the time.  I have moved on to creating patterns from my dressform by draping with muslin, which is a much more enjoyable experience, imo.   

The corset is made of brown pleather and boned with plastic boning.  The green “undercoat” (for lack of better word) is made of green micro-suede and lined with green satin.  

I embroidered the bracers via machine…no not an embroidery machine, but by slowly running the needle along the design I drew in white chalk.  It worked…but boy do I need to buy an embroidery machine!

To complete the look I donned my leather leggings, brown boots, and elf ears!  

I also made my two brothers tiny hobbit cloaks because I had extra material.  However they are 6 foot…and not hobbit sized.  I think the cloaks ended mid-back on them.  *snort*  But they wore them anyway.  I love my family :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  As always, I answer each and every comment- so if you have any questions feel free to comment!


  1. Can you make a pattern of the corset? I really want to make one, but I don`t know how...

    1. Hello there! I didn't keep the pattern for this project, but I can point you in the correct direction. Simplicity 1347 has a Tauriel pattern. Her corset there is underbust, but it still might be helpful. There also is Simplicity 4940, the Arwen and Eowyn pattern. Eowyn's "vest" (for lack of better words) is basically the same shape I made Tauriel's corset. Hope this helps! Good luck in your sewings!

    2. Thanks I hope I`ll make it ;)