September 22, 2015

Witcher III: Geralt and Yennefer Part 1

This is my first couple's costume ever.  So it had to be epic.  I made a huge Pinterest board of choices for our Halloween costumes, and together we decided to do Geralt and Yennefer from the Witcher: the Wild Hunt.

I do not own this photo.  Borrowed from the Witcher Wiki files.

I do not own this photo.  Borrowed from the Witcher Wiki files.
Progress has been slow because there are so many difficult elements to the projects.  There will probably be many progress posts about this project.

Yennefer's jacket is almost finished

I've been mostly working on Geralt's armor, as this will probably take me a very, very long time.  Chainmail is slow going.

I started the chainmail using this tutorial.

I was really excited about how it was coming out, but when it got to attaching the two rows together I was stumped.  I felt like I was doing it right, but it just looked so awful.

Defeated, I just made rows thinking I could stitch them together on the armor and pretend they were all linked together.  1,000 links and an entire weekend went into this.  

But then I found this video.  This video is amazing.  Seriously. I searched all over the internet for a method of chainmail that was simple.  This is the best one I found.  It's still time consuming, but now it is a single sheet, rather than strands.  

It also ends up taking less links.  The links needed to fill up one shoulder piece using the first method was about 440.  The second method only ended up using 375.

The sheet above took me about five hours.  It needs 10 more rows.  And that is one sheet...of 8, and 2 of those are even bigger than this!  What did I get myself into?

But really, it actually has been really nice to have something to do that I can bring in public.  My boyfriend is a huge football fan and plays fantasy.  Which means our Sundays are often occupied by never-ending football games.  I hate football, but with something to do...I don't mind watching :)

I'll try to be better at taking progress pictures with this project!

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