September 21, 2015

Whimsyshire Pinata

My boyfriend recently celebrated his birthday, and coinciding with the new patch for Diablo...I wanted to do something Diablo themed.  One of the best things about being with him is sharing dorky endeavors.  We play video games together, sometimes I watch him and sew instead, but we can play together.  And he appreciates my dorky interests.  I never really thought that was an important quality before I started dating him.  Now I can't imagine being with someone who isn't a dork.

Also.  Anyone under six foot.

Anyway.  For those of you who may not know, in Diablo III there is a special level you can get to if you kill a treasure goblin.  It's the best.  Deadly unicorns, evil teddy bears, biting flowers.

A screenshot of Whinsyshire.  I do not own this image.  Borrowed from this website.
And in this insane level there is a pinata.  You hit it and get goodies.

I do not own this image.  Borrowed from here.
I had gotten him tickets to a huge concert the weekend after his birthday.  I recently found out my brother spoiled the surprise *kicks him* and the concert was advertised really that spoiled it too.  *kicks the radio station*.  But STILL, I had the evil plan of insane presentation which was a successful surprise.

I locked him in his room while I blew up 5 "monsters" (balloons I drew scary faces on).  Each "monster" had a clue that would lead him forward.  I gave him a knife and this initial note:

Happy Birthday!
I regret to inform you that your house has been invaded by various demons, corrupted angels, and deadly unicorns.  Take this blade and slay them all!  Following their demise, gather the clues they drop to find the loot that awaits!
Good luck!

Following defeating the "monsters", he put the clues in order.

1. Home to pots of gold, fluffy clouds,
2. Homicidal teddy bears, and unicorns,
3.  You must enter the secret realm of Whimsyshire,
4. Also known as your backyard,
5.  To smash the piñata and claim your legendary item!

  Watching his face light up as he realized what it was was the best part.  We went outside where I had rigged the pinata.  I apparently had created a sturdy pinata because we gave it many smacks, and at the end had to stab it rather than smack it.

I did make the pinata.  I had made the foundation a week before his birthday, but didn't start trying to decorate and fill it until the night before his birthday.  Terrible idea.  I had used balloons, plaster of paris, and newspaper to create the shape.  The plaster of paris started peeling and dusting (for lack of better word) off.  When I made an incision in the head to put the present in, the head caved.

I was devastated.  I didn't have TIME for this! But I pulled myself together, went recycle bin diving, and came up with a new plan.  Cardboard.

It ended up looking great, but I was a bit bummed for a while that it wasn't exactly the right shape.  But I filled it and decorated it.

My boyfriend loved it, which is all that matters.  Inside he found a crap ton of candy and this:

I used a picture of a legendary Diablo weapon description, then photoshopped the changes I wanted to apply to his present.  It was fun putting this all together, and even more watching it all play out.