April 16, 2015

Victorian Chemise

I'll be making an entire set of Victorian undergarments because I will be cosplaying Madame Vastra at Comiccon.  I made a bustle cage a few months ago, but everything else: corset, chemise, petticoat, bum pad- all are still on my list to make.

I started with the chemise since it is the first layer a Victorian woman has to put on.

This historical example caught my eye, so I started drafting based on this example.

I hate necklines.  For some reason I draft them, and when I transfer it to the actual fabric it doesn't lay correctly.  I always end up having to do a few darts to make it lay right.  

One day I'll figure out what I am doing wrong...

I had approximated that the chemise would take me three hours.  It actually took me six because inserting the lace into the neckline took so long.  And then I had to get it to lay flat.

I had made some sleeves (another piece I find really challenging), but wasn't completely sure I wanted them on.  Sleeves on a chemise can create extra bulk.  I probably will end up adding them just because without the sleeves it looks slightly unfinished when on.

I might also have to change the buttons to more modern buttons.  These, while beautiful and antique looking, are round, and I worry that they will show through the bodice fabric.  For now though, they stay.

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  1. It looks awesome :3 I like the buttons, so hopefully they won't look funny :D