April 15, 2015

Purple Corset

Two weeks ago I found out that my boyfriend was being deployed...in a month.  We've only been dating for 6 months, so the thought of him being away for three was a bit daunting.  Immediately I began planning what I would send him in his care packages.

One of my really good friends (now married to an Airman) has been through deployment with a significant other.  She got a Boudoir session with a photographer and made him a calendar.

Nervously, I asked my airman if he would appreciate such a thing.  The answer was yes.

Now, I'm not a "nude pic" kinda girl.  Especially in this day and age where anyone can hack into anything and blast all your information to the entire world.  So I figured if I were going to do a Boudoir session- it was going to be very me.  And mostly covered.

So obviously I had to make a corset.

I went through a few designs, playing with accents on a purple silk.

I did make some ruffle butt underwear, though they are pink, and some french pantaloons.  I hated the ruffle underwear with the ensemble, though they turned out cute and ruffly.  The french pantaloons turned out beautifully(I thought), but when I turned to my mother for advice on how to complete the look, she said they looked "odd".

I guess outside of corset-adoring people (like me!) the general public doesn't really get to see that particular lingerie piece.  Although I disagreed with her (I think they are cute!) I did realize that her "odd" reaction might also be his...

But I still needed something that would cover up a bit of my hips and bum.  So she suggested a half skirt, parting in the front.  

I made a quick skirt from iridescent, purple organza and a lace choker with purple flowers to compliment the black stockings.  

I won't be posting any of the pictures from the shoot, but I will try to do a separate shoot with a skirt underneath it so I can get some good pictures of the outfit.

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