April 27, 2015

Victorian Ruffle Petticoat

As part of my preparation for Costume College and Comiccon I have make all unmentionables for the Victorian Era.

This yesterday I finished the Ruffled Petticoat.  Featured on my dressform over my bustle cage and chemise, here is the final product:

The petticoat has 5 layers of ruffles, two all around, three just on the back side.

If anyone is interested, these were the measurements of the ruffles:

First three layers: 5" x 113"
Bottom two layers: 5" x 225"

I gathered the layers by hand, pinned them on, and then machined sewed them onto the petticoat.

Construction was pretty simple, just lengthy because the strips were so long.  But start to finish the garment took 6 hours.

I used quite heavy cotton that I bought at SAS (a discount fabric store that I LOVE).  For 5 yards the total was $15.  Unfortunately one side of the fabric had been supremely marked up.  Black and red sharpie scribbles and notations alllllll over the dang thing.  I made sure to use the ruined fabric for the ruffles so there would be less chance of seeing the bleed through, but unfortunately there still is some.

Still, $15 can't be beaten, and it is an undergarment, so no one will ever know.  Hopefully.

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  1. Love it!!!! Ah, that's so exciting :) I'm glad you were able to get the fabric so cheap, too!