April 15, 2015

Prom Dress

I was commissioned to create a prom dress for one of the girls I made a Homecoming dress for.  She came to me with this design: Sherri Hill 11250, but wanted to make a few adjustments.

She only wanted one layer of the white over a cream silk, and didn't want any pleating in the bust.

After finding fabric and beads and a mock up fitting, I made the dress.  It took all three extended Lord of the Rings movies to sew on all the beads... for those of you less dorky than I, that is about 11.5 hours.

Here is the dress (sorry about the terrible lighting) before I gave it to the customer.  It looks a bit odd on my dressform because she is so tiny, but we tried it on when I delivered it and she looks fantastic in it.  I cannot wait to see her in it the night-of.

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