April 15, 2015

Doctor Who River Song Jacket- Part 2

After the main part of the jacket was finished the ball rolled quite nicely.  After adding the zippers I moved on to making the pants, fur vest, both belts,  her blaster, and cutting and styling the wig.  In a little over a week I pronounced myself done.

Here is a closer view of the blaster.  I used the Nerf Nite Finder gun as a base, removed some parts with a saw, and sculpted the end to the correct shape.  I was also going to correct the shape of the front of the gun, but I ran out of materials and decided it was close enough.

I did one layer of light gray paint, then three layers of white before adding shading and the red details.

Hopefully I will be wearing this to Phoenix Comiccon in May, buuuuut it is such a warm costume that I may just decide to take some pictures in it and wear another costume.

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