August 14, 2014

Cosplay Contest at Barnes and Noble

Costumes and books...two of my favorite things!  

Well last Friday there was a Pop Culture Cosplay Contest at Barnes and Noble.  I have Fridays off now and I wasn't doing anything special so I decided I would go.  I even convinced a friend to go along :)  She had never cosplayed before, although she had always wanted to. 

I hadn't realized that I had gotten so comfortable being in costume around other people until we pulled up and she told me that she was nervous that people would stare at us.  We were, after all, going to a very busy mall on a Friday night dressed as Selene from Underworld and Tauriel from the Hobbit.  We didn't exactly blend in...

But then...we got in the mall and people were fascinated by us.  A girl, about 12-14 ran up to her and hugged her she was so excited.  She babbled on about how Selene was her favorite character and how amazing my friend looked.  Then she asked for a picture and another hug.

THIS is what makes cosplaying worth it.  I love making the costumes and wearing them, but the reactions like this?  They are beautiful. 

I actually teared up at the look on my friend's face.

All self-esteem issues, personal life problems, and worries disappear in moments like those.  Because in that moment you are totally, and completely accepted.

And sometimes I take that for granted, since I work so often as Queen Elsa.  I KNOW when I walk into a room the little girls will squeal and hug me and beg me to sing Let It Go.  Moments like that shouldn't be taken for granted.  They are too wonderful.


  1. I was wondering did you build your bow yourself or buy it?

    1. I built it myself by watching the Backyard Bower's tutorials on Youtube. It was quite easy to do, but it was quite a lengthy process. Are you thinking of making one?

    2. Yes. I'm wanting to do a Medieval female hawkeye kinda basically a medieval super hero. ;)

    3. OO that sounds AWESOME! This is the video I used; hopefully it will be useful for you-