August 15, 2014

New Sewing Room!

This past weekend I turned a spare bedroom into my sewing room.  I have too many things to keep them all in my room!  And too many sad, old costumes stuffed in boxes :(

I just wanted to show off my beautiful sewing space!
This is the before-ish picture.  At this point I had already painted the red wall gray, but you can see the MESS that I started with.  I have so much stuff...

 In the drawers I put all my remnants and fabrics I have plans for.  Color organized of course! 

 Wigs, designing materials, and painting supplies.
 All my notions are organized and in their own separate jars now!

 Lace, flowers and leaves, and beads are tucked into these drawers.

 My sewing corner! 

 Ribbon rack, again organized by color!  I keep buying ribbon because I forget what I have already.  Hopefully this will help me not double buy things.

 I hung a 7 foot dowel so I could put all my past costumes on display.  Unfortunately not all of my costumes fit on here...but I got a good 3/4ths up!  Again organized my color because I can't NOT have them in rainbow order...

One of my other goals with this room was to have a photography corner.  Unfortunately this was ruined by the need to have a bed in here...but I will move the bed out of the way and have a nicely decorated corner to take pictures in.

It is so lovely having a nice, organized space to sew in.  Since I spent 90% of my waking, non-working time sewing, it makes sense to have my own space.

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