August 7, 2014

Sewing for Ren the webseries

About a year ago I backed a Kickstarter run by the director who made Born of Hope.  For any Lord of the Rings fans out there, it is the story of Aragorn's parents- it's free on Youtube.  Go watch!!

She wanted to make a medieval fantasy TV show, and she used the pitch that fans of Lord of the Rings and Legend of the Seeker would love this show.  Sold.
Want to learn more about Ren?  Click here!

Want to give to Ren?  The money they got from the Kickstarter really isn't enough to fully cover expenses.  They are accepting donations as well as selling mugs and coins- check it out!
Anyway, I backed the project and received updates via email every now and then about the progress they were making.

One of their last updates asked for volunteers asking us to come help with the project in different ways.  I asked if I could come help make costumes- and so two weeks later I got on a plane and headed to Cambridge.

The director, was kind enough to let me trespass on her hospitality for ten days.  It was lovely getting to know her and the Ren crew.  Everyone was so kind and lovely and creative!!  And geeky :D It's so awesome to meet people who love the same fandoms as I do.

I went to the studio every day (except one when I took a day trip to Glastonbury) and sewed my heart out.  They even put my name on the Ren van!

 Needless to say, it was amazing.  How fantastic would it be to spend every day, all day sewing?  And make money being creative?  It would be awesome.

Here are some pictures of what I worked on!

Karn's shirt:
Karn is one of the main characters in the show.  Don't want to give away any information- but I did have the pleasure of meeting the actor and spending a lot of time with him.  In addition to acting in Ren he also co-wrote the script, is building the set, and I'm sure there are other things he will do that I am not aware of.  It's hard not to be inspired around such passionate, talented people!

The shirt is made from raw silk.  The imperfections in the fabric were beautiful, the eternally shedding nature of the fabric was not.

 I first made the shirt based on a Legend of the Seeker shirt which I will get more into later, but when we tried it on the actor we decided the slit was too long, so I altered it.

I made a new facing with an embroidered celtic knot.

We also decided upon a different sleeve, so I cut off the bottoms and added a sleeve that would lace closed so it was tight on his forearm- almost like fabric bracers.

The shirt came out quite nicely, and I think it is item I am most proud of.

It also took the longest...

Karn's Tunic:
I loved the design for this tunic.  The asymmetrical lines of this costume were just so fun. 

I did work on a few other things, but these are the most exciting to look at.  I cannot wait to see the show and see what I made on Karn.  So very, very exciting.

The inner geek in me was quite excited when I learned that they had costumes from other movies.  There was a cloak from 300, a shirt and trousers from Legend of the Seeker, and chain mail from Lord of the Rings.  AWESOME.

Those trousers say Alistar Hero- Jay Ryan.

There he is!  In the shirt and the trousers.  So very exciting!!!!!

And while not related to costuming, I did take a trip to Glastonbury which was just absolutely beautiful.

Wish I could have stayed- but it is back to the scorching hot AZ for me!
Thanks for reading; hope you enjoyed the long post :D

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