June 12, 2014

Selene: Comic-Con

This past weekend was my first ever con.  Words cannot express what a wonderful experience it was.  Simply walking into the exhibit/vendors room was heaven.  Dork heaven.  And then there were the panels, and the people.  And it was AWESOME.

For day one I was Selene from Underworld.  I have wanted to be Selene for yearrrrrssss.  When deciding which costumes to make I knew instantly this would be one of the costumes I made.

Overall I am happy with my cosplay, though I can see all the places I would like to make better.

What did I make?
The corset, bracers, and holsters

What did I buy?
The boots, guns, wig, fangs, and cat suit

What I spent?
I spent about $150 for this costume

Changes I made-

The boots: The boots were WAY too small.  Anyone buying Demonia boots- buy up a size.  I am usually a 7-7.5, usually a 7.5, but I couldn't even stand these shoes were so tight.  I read online that taking a hair dryer to man-made boots will help stretch them, so I tried it out.  What a difference.  Not only did I walk a whole bunch on con day, for 90% of the day the shoes were relatively comfortable.  I did, however, still have two bloody heels when I took my boots off that night.

The guns: The guns were this weird army camo pattern when I bought them, so I spray painted the bottom black and the top silver.

The wig:  I just took a straightener to the wig because the ends were curled in rather than straight.  Easy peasy.

The cat suit: The suit was a tad too loose on my thighs, and since Selene's is like a second skin, I took in the seam of the thighs.

Parts I am not happy with- 

The corset :/ Apparently when I draped the pattern I messed it up.  The bust area was WAY too big and it closed in the back.  This made cinching my waist impossible.  I love the hourglass shape, so I was highly irritated that I didn't have that :(  By far not the best corset I have made.

There were some AWESOME costumes, but these were some of my favorites:

Dwalin from the Hobbit:
 Gandalf from Lord of the Rings: (can you tell I'm a HUGE LOTR dork??)
 Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones:

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