June 2, 2014

Myth Masque 2014

I know I have not posted in a while, but I assure you- it isn’t because I have not been working.  I have.  At super Kelsie speed.  That deserves a doodle.


Okay, moving right along.  I recently went to the highly anticipated Myth Masque.  Last year I was in black and red, so this year I was determined to have color.  LOTS of color.  Highly irregular since I love black to an unhealthy degree.  I decided upon green.  Then the Myth Missive came out announcing that the theme for this year was green and purple.  

I first sketched my brother’s costume, then I went for my own.  Men’s costumes are much harder for me.  I tend to make them too flowery, not manly enough.  So I threw on some armor.  Because armor means bad-ass right?  Right.  He still thought parts of the costume were too filled with frippery, so those ended up being thrown out before I started making the costume.

I also got to work with Worbla, which I have wanted to experiment with for quite some time.  The result was not flawless, but I am pretty happy with the way the armor turned out.  There are much better tutorials online with how to work with Worbla, so I shant even attempt to make one.  I do, however have progress pictures:

His costume consisted of a crown, a hooded cape, an Elvish style tunic, bracer, and arm piece.

My costume consisted of a corset, flower headband, and three layers of skirts…all sewn together.  
The skirt was so heavy it would fall off hangers.  It was rather crazy.

This was the corset before I added four million flowers and a bunch of Swarovski hotfix crystals- and then after!

I also made my shoes.  Kinda.  I bought shoes from Goodwill, glittered them and added flowers and pearls.  When we got to the hotel I stacked all of our accessories on the desk.  I went a bit overboard with accessories this year.

The finished costume!

Then my friend decided to come along!! :) 

She was really easy about what she would wear, so I used some of my scraps to make her a corseted dress with a purple embroidered train.  I also made her some shoes and a flower headdress. 

And here we are!  All dolled up-

Mmm champagne…

A fantastic photographer took pictures of Kiley and I- aren’t they gorgeous?!  The color just pops.  Amazing.

Sigh...Princess Hands.  Obviously I am too used to posing as a princess (for my job)- because I didn't even realize my hand had done that.  Bad hand, bad!

I do not yet have the professional pictures we took at the event, but when they are posted I will be sure to post them here.

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