June 12, 2014

Coronation Elsa: Comic-Con

Day two of Comic-Con was Elsa from Frozen.  Even though there were at least 8 other Elsas wandering around that day I took picture after picture after picture.  I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to be noticed.  I like to blend in and not stand out.  But there is just something so WONDERFUL about someone knowing who you are cosplaying, and loving it so much that they want to stop to take pictures with you.  With total strangers.

And yet- you aren't total strangers.  You bond over mutual, geeky awesomeness.  And let me tell you, I don't make friends well.  I am shy and awkward until I crawl out of my shell.  But I met some awesome people, and had some fantastic conversations.  Guys.  GEEKS ARE AWESOME.

Anyway- Elsa!

What I made:
The corset, skirt, cape, undershirt, gloves

What I bought:
The shoes, clasp, and wig

I painted a design on the shoes, painted the clasp to be blue instead of green, and styled the wig.

What I borrowed:
The crown

What I spent:
Around $210

What I would change-
The black undershirt kept pulling up and out of my corset which was a bit annoying.  It kept puffing up.  If I were to re-make this costume I would connect the undershirt to the skirt so that problem could be avoided.
You can see the puffing quite clearly in this picture :/

My cape was also way too long.  While movie accurate, walking around with a 10 foot cape... totally ridiculous.

I entered a costume contest as Elsa.  It was an awesome, and rather irritating experience.  I knew Elsa was popular, but it didn't quite dawn on me HOW popular until we were lined up to go onstage and the girl before me and the girl after me were both Elsa as well.  We were not the only Elsas competing either.   Lesson learned.  Don't do popular characters if you want to stand out.

Here is a picture a friend captured while I was on stage :D

I also met some reallllly awesome people on day two:
This FANTASTIC Jack Frost.  I totally ship the Jack/Elsa...so I flipped a bit.  Plus she pulled of Jack like a BOSS. 
 <3 Dumbledore and McGonagall
 The Witch King of Angmar!  LOVED his (?) costume.


I almost fainted I was fan girling so much inside.  Nathan Fillion sang a snippet of "Let It Go."  And he side hugged me.  And I have picture proof.  

The entire time I was in line I was thinking of brilliant, funny, dorky things to say when I met him.  The hour and 45 minutes of waiting boiled down to a single thought that kept running through my head like a broken record:

"Holy shit he is so tall."
"Holy shit he is so tall."
"Holy shit he is so tall."

Intelligence went out the window.  Thank goodness I had a pound of makeup on because I was blushing too profusely.  Because Captain Mal and I took a picture together <3

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