April 4, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays

Because I don’t have enough to do and need to give myself more projects (note the sarcasm) I have decided to implement something new on my blog!!  

Because I CAN.

Wednesday I went to Goodwill to gather things to make an Alice in Wonderland costume.  I am going to a party tomorrow night where we have to dress up with our team.  My team is going as an Alice in Wonderland theme.

I purchased 2 blue pillow cases and a small table cloth for a total of $4.50.  Then I went home, draped a pattern, ripped out the seams, and started cutting.

 (These pictures were borrowed from Google search, I do not own them-
 I am simply borrowing them because I forgot to take pictures of my purchases before I cut them up)

I finished my costume Thursday afternoon and while it is not the most amazing thing I have made…it really actually is pretty bad, but I will get into that during the post about the dress itself, I decided that I should do this more often.  Go to Goodwill, grab some “good enough” stuff and make something random with it.  Thrifty Thursdays!  But because I AM so busy sewing a million things, I cannot make something every week- so it is going to be a monthly thing.

I’d LOVE some input- what do YOU think I should make at my next Thrifty Thursday?  Should I stick with a Disney theme- maybe do land Ariel?  Or maybe Belle’s town dress?  It doesn’t have to be Disney, but I will place this restriction on myself- I have to get the supplies $20 or under.  This will be a CHALLENGE.  But I am excited to have some fun with it.


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