March 24, 2014

North and South

"Look back.  Look back at me."- Mr. Thornton

My fellow Darcy lovers,
Lovers of literary masterpieces,
of historical romance,

I implore you- watch North and South.
Why, say you?
Because, say I:
It is brilliant, heart wrenching, and perfect
It is BBC
It is Richard Armitage
It is Mr. Thornton.

And he has stolen my heart from Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, Severus Snape, Prince Char, Captain Wentworth, and Aragorn.

Which is no easy feat.
So watch it.  And then impress upon others its perfection.

I am lost in this world, and have decided I need to make one of Margaret Hale's dresses.  Even the practical, day dresses are elegant and beautiful!

I am fascinated by the figure of the period- the tight waist, lifted bust, the full skirts.  It's gorgeous.

And then there are the men.  I found this silly meme on Pinterest:

While I love it, I do have to disagree.  There is something hotter than a man wearing a cravat.  A man without a cravat!

It is the absence of the cravat paired with the absence of the jacket that is so sexy.  It is a state of undress, and it is more compelling to my sensibilities than the shirtless, muscled monstrosities of the modern age.  Judge me if you will.  I care not.

I leave this as evidence and justification for my prefrences-

With cravat and jacket-


  1. *swoon* sorry too many handsome chaps in

    1. Yes!! Why men ever stopped wearing them...I shall never know!

    2. Have you discovered the (A&E) horatio hornblower series yet. Blokes in regency naval uniform...swoonworthy.

    3. I have not! I'm going to look that up! !! Thank you for the suggestion!