September 27, 2013

Black Dress with Leather Trim

I wanted to make a dress for work, and as I have mentioned before, I LOVE leather. So I decided to do a black dress with leather trim!

The trim looks super cute, but was a terrible idea. I added it around the sleeves and the bottom hem. This makes it really hard to walk...

What I should have done (for those of you who may be wanting to make leather trimmed things) was make my own pleather piping...on the bias so it stretched. But I bought this leather piping three years ago, and it was just sitting there...begging for me to finally use it. So I gave in.

Here are the results:

Sorry about the quality. I need to stop taking pictures with my phone and start using my real camera.

And the leather trim on the shoulders...Oooo look pretty!

So there it is! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions; I love to hear from readers.

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