September 25, 2013

Costumes Update

Finally, I have gotten off my bum and taken pictures!!

First, the Mord'sith costume:
It's getting close to being done.  I just have the boots, gloves, belt, and agiel to make before the costume is complete!  So excited to put everything on!!

Second, Melisandre costume:
Before I added the sleeves
After with the cloak on top and sleeves added

 I'm not pleased with this costume yet.  Shape-wise it is correct-ish, but looking back at the reference photos I realized I was looking at the wrong dress when buying fabric.   She wears a few dresses, all red of course, but one is soft and one is stiff.  I bought taffeta because I was looking at the stiff dress, and then drafted a pattern for the soft dress >.<  So now I am unsure what I am going to do.  Either scrap it or keep adjusting until I like it.

Reference Photo: Melisandre

Halloween is getting close, so excited!  I'll try to update more faithfully... *blush*

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