October 9, 2013

Update: New Commisions!

I am SO excited. This last weekend I have gotten requests for 6 new commissions. I rather feel like tossing fabric in the air while listening to loud music, dancing really badly, and cackling maniacally! So excited. So I'm going to tell about some things that may be popping up on this blog...after the craziness of Halloween ends.

1. I went to Myth Masque this year in May, and it was an awesome experience. I met two really awesome people there, and one of them inquired about me making her costume for next year. We have not gotten together yet to talk about exact designs, but she is thinking either peacock or ice queen themed costume...AWESOME!

2 & 3. A friend contacted me about making her and her daughter Steampunk costumes for a party they are going to. How cool! I have always wanted to do Steampunk, just never had the chance. I'm looking forward to getting together with her to talk about what she is looking for!

4, 5, & 6. I work with a company called Enchanted Entertainment as a princess...It's kinda of the best fun job ever. I get to dress up (usually as Belle) and go to little girls birthday parties. They love it. But my boss found out that I sew, and asked if I would help make some costumes. Um, OF COURSE! So, the week after Halloween I am going to be getting with her to discuss a Princess Tiana costume, from Princess and the Frog. And for next year Halloween she wants to have a Disney Villian function, so she asked me to make Maleficent and Ursula costumes. SO cool! I cannot wait.

But for now, I have my hands full with finishing my two Halloween costumes in time. I was almost finished with my Melisandre costume, and was having my brother zip me up for a final fitting...when he pulled the zipper pull off. So now I either need to rip out that and put in a new zipper, or force that zipper pull back on. Irritating, but oh well. Once that is done, I can put it on my dress form and get some pictures for the blog!

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