August 28, 2015

Victorian Corset (another...)

I've lost count of how many corsets I have made, how many patterns I have drafted in my effort to create the perfect silhouette.

I FINALLY got it.


I literally did a victory dance in this corset after I put it on.  The mother and boyfriend stared at me oddly.  May have something to do with dancing and screaming while wearing Victorian underwear...

This pattern was created using math and a bit of common sense.  Having made so many corsets I know how each piece is approximately supposed to he shaped to fit together.  What is tricky is getting the parts around the waist small enough and the hips big enough.

Here is my pattern, drafted on scrap paper, and then one side of the corset.

And the final product!

There are problems with this corset.  I should have used interfacing to reduce the pull wrinkles and the bust looks a bit too flat.  I also am not a huge fan of the shape of the bottom of the corset.  I'd like a more defined, intentional shape.

I drool over Historycorset's lines on Instagram:

So those are a few things I'll work on fixing for the next corset, but THE WAIST!

My natural waist is 24.5.  I cinched down to 23" in this, first time.  And then I died of happiness.

Now I can begin making my Tissot dress I have had the materials for for the past year...

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