August 5, 2015

Purple Corset

I have been on the constant loop of corset drafting.  My quest for the perfect corset continues onward.  One day I'll finally draft one that is perfect.  A 21" waist, 33" bust, 34" hip.

It's hard, creating that much curve in a piece of fabric.  I still am not there.  But I think this corset is an improvement.

I started with a guess of a pattern, just something I had drawn up.  I sewed the first mock up together, analyzed the problems, and created a second mock up.

I put in bones so I could test the mock up more accurately.

After fixing the problems of the mock up, I cut out the pieces.  

My original thought was to have a black panel for contrast.

But after pining it together I decided that I didn't really like it.  I was planning on wearing a black dress underneath it, and I thought the section of black would just melt into the dress and look a bit odd.

So it became all purple!  Look at those giant hip gores!

 I was certain I had finally made a corset that was perfect.  Unfortunately wearing it was a different story.

Now I'm being really picky here.  I think the corset came out beautifully.  But for next time, I do have a LOT of problems to fix.

There really isn't any drastic waist action.  It's a subtle curve, not the severe look I wanted.  22-34 is a huge difference.  

I actually like this picture, mostly because the errors in the drafting are not evident from this angle.  

 This picture says it all.  That wrinkle on the hip?  Why is there stress there?  There shouldn't be stress there.  It should all be on the waist.

Ah well.  Exciting pictures with a colorful corset, in any case.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well, from an untrained eye's perspective, it looks stunning! Good luck working out the kinks, but both the corset and you look fantabulous! :D