June 1, 2015

River Song- Photos

I finally took some pictures of my River cosplay.  As usual, there are things I am not happy with, and things I would change, but overall I am pretty pleased.  

The jacket, in particular is a bit disappointing.  The Diesel Gisil jacket is not sold anymore and the ones still circulating Ebay were a ridiculous price.  So I made my own, but the batting I added made the jacket FAR too puffy. 

But the pants!  Goodness I love these pants.  I don’t think anything I have made before has been this comfy or well fitted.  I would totally wear these pants just for fun!

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks fab. Where did you get the wig? I find it hard to get a curly wig that doesn't look clownlike on me.