June 1, 2015

Madame Vastra: Part 2

After pouring the latex and letting it dry, I peeled it out carefully.  I realized that trying to get the whole head on would be a challenge, so instead I cut it into three parts.  This is, after all, what the artists of Doctor Who did. 

After it was cut into three pieces I painted it with acrylic paint and sealed it with an acrylic sealant spray.

Getting into the costume took so much longer than expected.  I had planned out an hour to get into the prosthetics, but it took me (with the help of my “wife”) three hours to get it fully on. 
Starting with a bald cap, I then painted acrylic paint over my eyes, lips, and neck.  Probably not the healthiest thing for my skin, but I don’t like the way colored Ben Nye mixes with skin.  I wanted an even, matte look. 

After applying each of the three prosthetic pieces with prosaid (dear goodness it got EVERYWHERE!), we sealed the edges with a layer of latex and toilet paper.  Yup toilet paper. 
I then tried to smooth out the difference between my own skin and the latex with a layer of latex and toilet paper around my eyes and mouth, but the mask was a bit too thick to do this effectively.  In the end it worked, but didn’t look as seamless as I wanted and move-ability was almost nil, a fact that was very obvious when I tried to eat later on in the day.  The most I could manage was slurping melted ice cream from a spoon.  My Jenny thought it was HILARIOUS.

There was a great reaction from people regarding our costumes.  This, thankfully, made all the uncomfortableness of the costume worth it.

I also made Jenny’s costume and styled the wig. 

We had planned on participating in the costume contest, but the contest closed (sold out) before I could enter.  That was disappointing, but since the costume was so hot and uncomfortable I was really glad when we got to go home early.  

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  1. That mask must have been so uncomfortable. The dress looks great though.