January 12, 2015

Snow Queen

This weekend I finally got around to doing a photo shoot with my Thrifty Thursday, Ballet-inspired design: The Snow Queen.  The costume was created from $20 worth of Goodwill items.  For more about the costume click here.


  1. This has given me an idea for a suggestion for thrifty thursday. I'd love to see your 'twist' on a disney or superhero character. So either genderswapped or steampunk or something else...the cosplays I love are the ones that take a well known character and do someting special with it or even do a less well known variation of a costume.
    Personally I love steampunking characters...soo much fun to just be creative.

    1. Oo! This has given me a fabulous jolt of creative juice! I definitely will be doing this. I have my January TT already planned out, but February I am ON THIS!! Thank you for the suggestion :)

    2. Gald to be of service. I look forward to seeing the results.
      One day maybe we will end up at the same comicon and can compare sewig notes.

    3. Oh my goodness that would be awesome! Where abouts are you? I'm in AZ. I am thinking about trying to go to San Diego CC this year...but I don't want to go alone so I need to recruit some friends first.

    4. I'm in the UK. So usually go to the london based cons like MCM London, London Film and Comicon...although I've recently been looking at London anime & gaming con and contemplating if its worth going to Hyper Japan.

    5. Dang! Well- I do want to try out London Cons eventually, but that is probably several years down the line. But if I ever make it there, we should totally talk sewing :)