December 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Snow Queen

This time of year is always quite busy for me, so instead of doing a November and December TT I decided to combine them into one.

I have been so inspired by ballet costumes recently.  They fascinate me.  Structured, boned bodices that move with the dancers.  Ornate, full skirts.  The way the costumes move with the dancers.  It is fantastic.  And brilliant.

I also have been yearning for the snow, because let's face it...AZ gets robbed during the holidays.  No. Snow.  Every year I gaze longingly at photographs of Christmas trees buried in snow.  These two obsessions came together to make this Thrifty Thursday Snow Queen dress.

My desire is to take a trip to Flagstaff during Christmas break (hopefully it will finally snow...) so I can get some good pictures of the dress against the snow.  Fingers crossed that it actually snows enough to stay on the ground!

As usual I bought $20 of things from Goodwill to make this dress.
A red tree skirt, a gray silk dress, white chiffon tablecloth, white damask tablecloth, and gray bias cut dress.

 I also went to Joanns and got some flowers and such to make a crown and a bouquet.  If you never have seen Angela's sewing blog, you should take a look.  Her original designs are gorgeous, and I am always in awe of her headpieces.  So I took a cue from her and decided to make one with this outfit.

These are just a few of her AMAZING creations.  Click here to visit her page.

Here are my crown, bouquet, and cape:

Fingers crossed that it snows soon!  If it doesn't I may just have to take pictures in a lot of Christmas trees...

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