November 13, 2014


I love Merlin.  Colin Morgan's acting is FANTASTIC (I'm a tiny bit in love with his cheekbones.  And voice...He's beautiful)  

And I have ALWAYS wanted to cosplay Morgana.  I love her character development throughout the show.  I really shipped her and Merlin together, but logically I knew that was never going to happen.  

And her costumes!!!  Granted, the costumes of Merlin made me cringe.  A lot.  They are so historically inaccurate (HEELS?!  REALLY?!)  but they are oh so beautiful.

So this year I decided to be Morgana for Halloween.

I even got Photoshop ambitious and tried doing Morgana's "magic" eyes.  It didn't turn out as well as I wanted because it was night before my photographer came home and so my lighting was crap...but I did what I could.

I have several costumes lined up right now.  Because I am a tiny bit insane.

River Song from Doctor Who
Madame Vastra from Doctor Who
(Can you tell I just finished a Doctor Who binge?? ;)
Arwen from Lord of the Rings
And a feminine version of Sauron

On top of all my commissions... *face palm*  I need to learn to tell myself NO.

Hope you liked it- and if you have never seen Merlin. DOOOOO ITTTT.

Let me know when you see the Donkey episode.  And Old Merlin.  And the Dulceta.

You are welcome :D

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