September 22, 2014

Ren Embroidery

After returning home from England I was tasked with finishing the job my machine had fitzed out on- embroidering patches for the Ka'nath soldiers.  I had every confidence I would finish with plenty of time to spare...however my sewing machine had different ideas. 

Warning, this post will be filled with many gifs.  It's a gif sorta day!

Two machine parts later...with a week and a half of waiting in between, my machine was fixed.  But I had three days to finish.  I set that baby on repeat, pulling out, putting in, changing thread like a boss.

I finished at 6 am the day before they needed them.

Of course, I have no brain, and had scheduled a meeting with two potential clients at 10. 

Who needs sleep anyway? ;)

But before I could meet with them I had to send off the packet to the UK.  40 symbols in a package.  Explaining that to the lady at the Fed Ex desk was hilarious.

"So what is it?"
"Embroidered fabric patches."
"Is that like finished fabric, unfinished fabric, or fabric swatches?"
"Eh...none of those?"

Apparently Fed Ex has to correctly label stuff because if it isn't correctly labeled it will get caught at customs.  I didn't have time for that.  We went with finished fabric, because it seemed close...ish.

I was expecting the bill to be around $57 which is what I had seen at USPS for one day International.  But then she announced that it was going to be $106.  I briefly considered leaving for USPS instead until I realized it was Sunday and they were closed. Because- No post on Sunday.  Thank you Mr. Dursley for teaching me such important life lessons!

So I handed over my credit card and then left.

Honestly though I had no regrets.  $100 is a lot of money, especially for shipping only, but it was so worth it.  The patches will be seen on actors, moving about, being bad guys, wielding swords.  How could that NOT be worth it?!

I mean... I saw this in an email and was consumed with joy.

A bit closer....
I made that!  I MADE THAT! :)  Well more precisely my machine made it all by its smart little self.  But still, I had a hand in making that! So very exciting.


  1. Homg, looooove this even more!!! :)

    1. :3 Thank you!!! (And thank you for always reading these posts, it's nice to know someone does!!)