September 23, 2014

Green Mana Corset- MTG

I FINALLY am getting around to making items I eventually want to sell en masse!  First to be made was the green mana corset.  This will be one of five corsets featuring the mana from Magic the Gathering.

I just recently was introduced to this game by a friend and homg- instant obsession.  My green elf deck is my favorite, so I decided to make this corset first :3

My goal is to get these up on Etsy soon and have an entourage of dork inspired corsets to sell at the 2015 Phoenix Comic Con.  Dork + corset= is pretty much me rolled up into two words!  So it's perfect.


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    1. Thank you!! Have you ever played before? If you haven't I'll bring some decks next time I visit you and we can play. Patrick also plays :)