August 30, 2014


Last Thrifty Thursday I received a request to do a TT version of Merida.  Shout out to Lady D!  

I love Merida and I love Brave, so I was quite excited that she suggested it.  I made the dress from a full-sized sheet and a white pillow case.  The total came to $6.

I didn't take progress pictures of this one just because I ended up sewing a good 80% of it by hand.  My good sewing machine is broken at the moment, so I'm dealing with my mom's realllllly old one.

So I won't bog this blog down with all the "how I did it" commentary- and just let you enjoy the photos :)

Hope you enjoyed this Thrifty Thursday post!

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  1. Loooove this! What a fantastic idea :) And it looks wonderful! :)

  2. I looks fab. You are so great at this.
    I never look anything like the characters I try to do.
    Unless disney makes a disney heroine who is short, chubby and wears glasses. lol!

    1. Thank you so much!! I actually was thinking the other day- why do no Disney princesses have big noses? Like...actual noses? I have a Snape-worthy nose, and it is the hardest part of cosplaying because no one has such a nose when animated. Cosplay problems!