February 20, 2014

Mesa Arts Center Gala Dress

For the past four years the Mesa Arts Center has had a Gala to raise money for art scholarships for young kids.  This year I was asked to sing at the event.  Because I am a huge dork- I of course wanted to sing “Wonder” from Lord of the Rings the musical.

If you have not heard it,watch the video.  Seriously.  It's not the full song and not the recording quality- but this version is a promo real, so it's pretty to look at.

The song is sung by Galadriel, and the event was Black Tie, so I wanted a dress that said Elven Queen but wouldn’t stick out as a “costume”.  This is the design I came up with:

I don’t have many construction photos of this dress as the sewing went rather quickly.  In this photo the dress and most of the corset is finished.

I then added beading and glitter (using modge-podge) to spice up the top of the dress.  And finished the corset:

Then the only thing left was to make the gray tulle underskirt.

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