February 20, 2014

Elsa Costume

Since coming out Frozen has enchanted the hearts of children and adults alike…I think I sang “Let It Go” for about 2 weeks straight.

I work for a Princess company, and when my boss asked me if I wanted to play Elsa…I, of course, said yes.  While jumping up and down and giggling like someone who belongs in a loony-bin. 
She also asked if I would make the costume.  So I drew up a contract, a design, and put together a price quote. 

  And together we went out to find the perfect materials:

This is the most challenging corset I have ever made.  Those sequins were not as hard to sew as I had expected, but getting the corset to LAY correctly with the bulkiness of the sequins was a CHALLENGE.  I’m still not 100% pleased, but I got it as flat as I could.

Here is the finished product on the mannequin:

And on me!  


Yes…our wig is awful, we are working on getting one that isn’t so George Washington. :/

Isn't she adorable?  This is the best part about being a princess.  Getting to dress up is wonderful, singing, balloon animals, and face painting is all fun, but the way the kids react, the way the believe is just so phenomenal. <3

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