August 5, 2013

Mord'sith Costume Update

Mord'sith Costume Update

Hello everyone!  Thanks for vising my blog!  Today I have a few updated pictures of the Mord'sith costume. 

This part is the body suit.  There is an invisible zipper down the center, and the sides and the back all lace up. 

So. Many. Eyelets.  I have been through 300 so far, and still need to do about 200 more.  My fingers are in pain...but at least it is slightly enjoyable, as I have been re-watching Season 2 of Legend of the Seeker! 

I, unfortunately, have not been able to try it on yet because so much of what holds it together is the system of eyelets.  I have not finished putting them in, so I cannot start lacing it up yet. 

I am fervently hoping that it all comes together...and fits.  I may cry if it doesn't.  

On a brighter note, my Brother cs6000i is having problems.  Wait.  That is bright?

Shhh.  Just wait.

My sewing machine isn't sewing at the moment, so I rented a Bermina Connection  machine for the day (I think it was series 350??).  Oh my GOSH.  It sews through the leather like butter.  It is fantastic.  It is also a 1,800 dollar machine...mine was $180.  Hmmmm.  

Don't get me wrong, I love my machine.  For what I paid for it, it is a fan-fricken-tabulous machine.  He and I have had many adventures together, and we shall have many more.  I also don't think the Berminda was 1,800 worth amazing, but still, it was a lovely machine.  I briefly considered upgrading instead of repairing my machine...until I saw the price.

I also have finished the pieces of the neck corset, although I have not yet tooled them or laced them together.  Here they are:
And I have finished the initial corset, though I have not added all the belts and grommets and such:
Yay!  The costume is slowing coming together!

Thank you for visiting!!  Please leave any comments or questions; I love to hear from any readers :)


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