August 5, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Wait....Costumes? Like plural? Nay, say it isn't 'sew' you crazy lady! What could one person possibly need with two costumes?

I just can't control myself. I have been wanting to make a Mord'sith costume for ages, but I also really wanted to make a Melisandre costume. So, I bought supplies to make both. Guess I'll just have to double celebrate Halloween now!

I began the construction and research of the Mord'sith costume first because it is entirely made of leather. Let me preface this project by saying, I love leather. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather trim, leather boots. *Shiver* I love me some leather. It is half the reason I love Mord’sith so dang much. However. I have decided I hate leather. It is evil to attempt to sew if it is the slightest bit mine is. But more on that later! First, reference pictures!


 Awesome, right?  Right.  Let's get started!

So I first started by draping the body suit on my *new* dress form.  Named her Melian, like from the Silmarillion.  I'm hoping she'll be as long living as her namesake. Here she is, och!  Ya beauty!

Anyway, I draped with muslin.  Then I created the pattern for the neck corset, the corset, and the thigh strap.

Here they all are!

Yeah, there are a lot of pattern pieces.  Which means...lots of leather.  I bought 5 lbs.  Wasn't enough.  I went back for 3 more.  I have enough for everything but the boots now.  Leather is expensive, which it should be; I think I just killed 4 cows.  *the earth-friendly, non cow-eating part of me dies*  So in reality, if I bought 4 cows, $80 isn't that expensive! :(

Here is my giant stack of leather with all odds and ends I need for this project as well as my collection of Legend of the Seeker DVDs and books.  Is it obvious that I love this series?!  No?  Well, I LOVE this series!!  If you are a fan of the fantasy realm, read, watch, DEVOUR.  And join me in my worship of this amazing series which is now gone :/

I will attempt to keep updating as I go along with the project :)

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