December 11, 2012

Hobbit Inspired Treats

In honor of the Hobbit movie (part 1) which comes out in two days (I don't count the day it comes out, as it comes out the first second of that day) I am having Pre-Hobbit parties at my apartment.  Monday the 10th we watched The Fellowship of the Ring, the extended version.  I made these adorable Hobbit hole cookies for the first night. 

Here is the tutorial:

1.      Use a regular sugar cookie recipe for the cookie itself.
2.      After thoroughly mixing, roll the dough into balls and then flatten them into circles on the baking sheet with your palm. 
3.      Bake them as the recipe recommends, but always keep an eye on them just in case the recipe is wrong about heat/time.
4.      After they are done baking take them out, put them on a new plate, and stuck them in the fridge to cool. 
5.      Make green frosting by spooning out some cream cheese frosting (it can be another kind of white or off-white frosting, I just prefer the taste of cream cheese) into a bowl and mixing in some green food coloring.
6.      Smear the green frosting in a circle over most of the cookie.  Repeat for the rest of the cookies.  (TIP: The next few processes will be easier if you have two plates of cookies.  While working on one plate, place the other in the fridge.  This will make working with adding layers of frosting easier)
7.      Put chocolate frosting in an icing bag (or as I do, because I hate cleaning icing bags: a ziplock bag).  If you are using an icing bag, put the appropriate nozzle on.  If you are using a bag, push all of the frosting down to one corner and zip the bag.  Then cut off a small triangle at the corner so you can squeeze out the frosting.  Squeeze the frosting in a circle around the green center of the cookie.
8.      Put a spoonful of white frosting into a bowl and add yellow.  To apply the yellow I just took a dollop and smeared it around until it was circular.
9.      This step is optional, but I happened to have a small tube of green icing that I used to do the lines on the doors to make them look like wood planks.  If you desire you can even do some wood grain lines!

Tonight we will be watching The Two Towers and in honor of this movie I have made Lembas bread...or cookies.  I actually got the idea from this blogger who does amazing work: 
I do not have the baking expertise, but it was fun none-the-less.  Here are my versions of what she did:

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