December 17, 2012

Hobbit Inspired Dress- Finished

Hobbit Dress

I finally have uploaded my photos that I have of the Hobbit dress that I made for the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Premiere.  (btw- if you have not seen it yet, GO.  I have seen it twice and want to go back again.  I am in love :D)  
 This is the back of the dress.  I wore a corset underneath (i'll get pictures of that later) and the dress buttoned up the back.  I made a modesty panel for the back, as is often made for corsets, because in some places you could see through to the corset (in my case the corset was off white, and thus easily seen). 
 The needlework on the arms and the bust are all hand done and took me over 30 hours.  My hand is grateful that I am done with this project, it got a bit sore.  I also did a bit of embroidery around the sleeves, but the pictures were taken with a phone, and thus, are terrible quality so they are rather hard to see.
And for fun, an elven setting!

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