August 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Confessor Kahlan Amnell from Legend of the Seeker

Last weekend Joann's had a sale and, because I cannot control myself in Joann's, I walked out with half the store :)  I have wanted to make Kahlan’s confessor dress for such a long time, ever since I became a crazed fan of the show.  With Halloween coming up and a huge coupon in hand, I decided it was time.  Now I will just have to wait for the next sale to get started on a Mord ‘Sith costume :D  With each step of the creative process I will upload the new pictures of the garment and my design sketches.  I added some pictures from showing the original character's dress (shown below).  I am going to attempt to make my recreation as close as possible.  We'll see...Joann's does have a very limited supply.

 Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, ect.  So now- commence sewing!  

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