August 8, 2012

Confessor Dress: Part 1

Day One: Confessor Dress

I started on Kahlan's corset first, as I still have not gathered all the items I am going to need to make the overdress.  I decided to use a pattern and then just adjust it as Kahlan's corset is rather unique.  It has the structure of an underbust corset, but then has bra cups attached.  I stole an old bra for this because I have tried to make an underwire bra before and it turned out great...for the first two times wearing it.  Then the wire wiggled through the fabric due to pulling.  *sigh*  So, at this time in my life it was easier to just use a bra and then cover it  with fabric.  I put the front and lining parts of the corset together and then cut it to the correct shape.  I added LOTS of boning to the lining as well as interfacing.  

Honestly, I have never been enamored with corset patterns.  I love corsets, but they never come out as stiff as I would like.  I have tried using multiple layers, extra interfacing, nothing worked.  I always supposed it was because I never had metal boning, as Joann's doesn't carry it, but I was creative this time and this is the best corset (as far as structure) I have made.  And I have made many.  Anyway- patterns always say to put boning in the seams, which is great, but then the rest of the corset is not as stiff.  I bought the fabric covered boning as well as plastic boning.  I put the covered boning in the seams and the plastic boning everywhere else.  Front to back this corset is boned.  I'm pretty pleased with the result, but I have yet to put it on.

I then attached the front and lining sections to the bra.  I have a really bad habit of not stopping until I am at a "finishing point".  I started cutting out the pattern around 6pm and did not switch off my machine until 4 am.  I get a little obsessed :)

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