July 9, 2015

Welcome Home Dress

My boyfriend is away right now, but he comes home in less than 4 weeks.  I think we have survived the long distance quite well, but I want to look my absolute best when I pick him up from the airport.

So.  Because I am me....I had to create an outfit that would make me feel pretty and worth waiting for.

I sketched out a design and built the pattern from there.

I drafted a pattern and put it together, but lamented that the white chiffon overlay would make it look too "wedding".

So I scrapped the design.  I made the lining fabric the new fashion fabric, shortened the skirt to just below my knees, and finished the wrap crop top.

But it was SO drab.  Incredibly drab.  And the color did not go well with my skin.  It pulled out every red splotch, blemish, and scratch.  Not ideal.

I ran to SAS and grabbed this beautiful lace.  It was white, and I didn't want it to stand out that much.  I just wanted a nice hint of texture, and something interesting to look at.   I threw it in a pot with some tea bags to make it tan.

I hand stitched my new lace to the bodice.


  1. Aaah, can't wait to see the final product!! Glad he'll be home soon :D

  2. ooh, if you make another welcome home dress it could have a yellow ribbon. As in the song about tying a yellow ribbon as a sign of waiting.