March 6, 2015

Victorian Corset

I have a few Victorian projects coming up, so it was finally time for me to make a good corset.  I've made tons of corsets..somewhere between 30 and 40, but I've never made a real Victorian corset with gores.  Gores are indimidating!  They are!  If you run across them in industrial patterns they are usually poorly explained.  Sidney Eileen does a much better job of explaining how to insert them.

Unfortunately, and fortunately I have a naturally tiny waist.  My hip spring is 10", so when I corset I want at least a 12-13" hip spring.  That amount of curve is a bit daunting when drafting.

I really wanted this corset.  It's absolutely gorgeous and perfectly historical.  Before the Automobile is amazing; she is one of my absolute favorite seamstresses.

She links to the pattern she used.  Granted the instructions are in a different language, but I figured I would be able to figure it out.  But good golly- what the heck?  I couldn't even tell where to cut!

So I bought this pattern thinking it would solve all my problems- I mean NO DRAFTING!  I cut out the pieces and then puzzled at them.  There were no directions.  None.  The pieces had numbers, but I couldn't figure out what they were trying to tell me to do.   I'm sure it will be a good pattern, I've heard great things about Ageless Patterns, but I'll have to contact the owner to figure out what to do next.

Frustrated, I started from scratch, and modified an existing pattern that I drafted last year.  I added gores and tried to place the bones in a similar location to Before the Automobile's corset. I got close...ish, but it isn't perfect.  The corset fits me perfectly, but barely brings in my waist.

At least I've learned enough to improve upon the next corset!


  1. Where can I get pattern for this corset, please? It is beautiful!

    1. Hi there! I reference two patterns in this blog post. First is the pattern used by Before the Automobile, which I have pasted in the blog. I couldn't figure out how it was a pattern with all those squiggly lines, but there it is.
      The second pattern is from Ageless Patterns on Etsy.
      The second pattern is