March 23, 2015

Snow White Poison Apple Outfit

My family recently went to Disneyworld.  I knew I wanted to make at least one outfit.  Last year when I went to Disneyland I was OBSESSED with Snow White.  All I wanted in life was a shirt with a poison apple on it.

It didn't exist.

So this year I was determined to have a poison apple shirt.  And heck, while I was at it, I made a Snow White-esque skirt.
I hand embroidered the green and red parts of the apple on.  The skirt was really easy.  I folded the cotton (so I wouldn't have to sew a seam) and pleated it into a waistband.  I used the lapped zipper method and attached two long pieces of cotton to the waist band.  These two long pieces wrap around front to tie the bow.
The skirt was long enough that I didn't have to wear leggings to feel modest, but short enough to give a bit of air flow which was nice because it was HOT.  Like 90 degrees with 60% humidity.  It was rough.

Because Disneyworld doesn't have a nice "Snow White" area like Disneyland does I ended up taking most of my pictures in front of Cinderella's castle. 


  1. Cuuuuuute!!! It looks awesome! :D I hope you guys had fun!

    1. Thank you! We did!! Wish I were still there!