October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday- Witch

It's October!!!  Probably pretty easy to guess, but October is my favorite time of month.  Not only is it Fall, which I love- PUMPKINS!!!!- but my favorite holiday is during this month!

<3 Halloween

I get a biiiiiit carried away.  This year I told myself...ONE costume.  One.  Not two.  Not three... ONE.

Surprise!  I have three now.  Or I have the supplies for three, I have not finished making them yet.

For October's Thrifty Thursday I decided to do an original piece- a witch.  It is 1700s inspired with a flair of medieval and a spot of modern appeal.  Everything I got was from Goodwill for under $20.

I got a braided leather pillow, a yard of pleather, a purple chiffon beaded...thing, a black sheet, a creepy bouquet, and an awesome print bed skirt.

I started on the two underskirts first- making one from the black sheet and one from the bed skirt.  The pleather and woven leather were used for a corset.
I drafted the pattern on some leftover sheets.

 And pieced it all together...

And then I made a hat! Because no witch is complete without her hat!

I made the inside of the hat a biiiiit too tight for my head, I have to really pull it down, but it works :D  At least it wont fall off when I am riding my broom!

My handy dandy photographer was away when I decided to take pictures, so I had to get really fancy with the method of self-timing on my phone.  But here are some of the pictures of the full outfit!

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  1. Very cool! Did you wind up doing anything with the bed skirt? :)