August 6, 2014

50s Green Silk Skirt

I recently took a trip to England and knew I needed one fancy outfit for a night out.  Of course, I couldn't just buy something! 

So I went hunting for fabric and found this beauty.  1 7/8 yards with a giant rip on one side…but it was perfection.  And nothing else in the store came close to being better.  I also got some horsehair braid.  I had just read this article by Gertie Hirsch showing how she uses horsehair braid in the hem of her circle skirts.  The result is fantastic.  

My horsehair braid didn’t have the same pull tabs though, and I puzzled over them a while before resolving to try anyway.

I did the measurements for a pattern rather than draping it, and got to work.  This project went so quickly!

(sorry- there was terrible lighting in my hotel :/)
I think it did turn out nicely, though not as full as I wanted.  I added a bow in the back so I could maximize how much it nipped in at the waist.

I wore this to The Crucible because I was going to meet Richard Armitage and I wanted to look my very best.  I even made a Hobbit book-purse to coordinate with my outfit.

Anyone in the London area- GO SEE THE CRUCIBLE.  Seriously.  It was amazing.  I was entranced the entire show, which is saying a lot because the first act alone is two hours long.  It passed in a blink.  I cannot think of a better live performance that I have been to.  

There are good actors, and then there are actors who so completely commit that the rest of the world fades away.  I laughed, I cried, I blushed when Richard Armitage took off his shirt…

Amazing show. 

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