July 21, 2014

Sally Owens' Cardigan

I am going to England in a little less than a week and was trying to figure out what to pack.  Because Pinterest is my best, and worst, friend- I started there.  I wanted to bring just a handful of clothes, stay comfortable, warm, and fashionable, and of course they had to not wrinkle easily.  I found this picture which uses neutrals and one accent color, which I thought was brilliant.

And I saw this picture and knew my wardrobe was going to be set around green. 

I gathered my neutrals, but really felt like I needed another sweater, something green.  Immediately I remembered Sally’s cardigan from Practical Magic.  I have wanted that cardigan for FOREVER, but cannot find it anywhere.  

I got a white cardigan from Target and a green stamp pad from Joanns- and resolved to make the cardigan a witchy masterpiece.

The first problem to tackle was the stamp.  I couldn’t find one anywhere that looked even similar to the design on Sally’s cardigan.  So I made my own using a block of wood, a soldering tool, and craft foam.  I drew the design on the craft foam and burned away the negative space that I wanted to be untouched by the ink.

On paper the design looked amazing…but slightly fuzzy cardigans are not so easy to stamp.  The designs mostly turned out fuzzy, but I got the general look I think.

Here is the original:

Practical Magic - Amas Veritas: Image Galleries, Sally Owens (Sandra...

I set the ink by ironing it, but the real test will be the first wash.  Fingers crossed…

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