July 2, 2014

Kahlan Amnell Dress

A friend in Ohio was cast in the role of Snow White in their Renaissance Festival- so she came to me for a costume.  Needless to say, I was excited.  Her character is rough around the edges, but is trying to win the heart of a prince, so is trying to be girly. 

Together we designed a costume, but then after some consideration we decided to pass on that design and instead do a recreation of Kahlan Amnell's costume from Legend of the Seeker.  But instead of the dress being green, it would be blue.  Here is a still of the costume:

It was the perfect mix between feminine and butt kickin' heroine.

So here we are!  I made this super quickly; it was completed in 6 days.  She needed it on the 5th of July, and shipping takes forever.  I just hope I did all the calculations right and it fits her...it's so hard to tell until you get someone in a fitting :/

Detail of the metal closures-
These were the most problematic pieces of the costume.  I could not find the correct size, shape, and design anywhere, so I improvised.  These are scrapbook corners.  Yup.  I spray painted them silver, drilled four tiny holes in them, and attached them by hand right above the grommets.  Took forever, but I think I got pretty close to the look of Kahlan's dress.

 Don't mind the really creepy elongated neck.....

And the back!

She should be getting her costume...like right NOW.  Delivery is set for today at 3 pm because I paid for one day shipping.  As soon as she sends me some pictures I will post them- cannot wait to see her in it.

Thanks for reading!  If you are a LOTS fan, leave a comment! <3 I love meeting other Sword of Truth lovers.

As usual feel free to ask questions, or make suggestions on how I can improve :)