May 5, 2014

Myth Masque 2014- Puck

I have been working on SO much, but have zero pictures. I need a mini photographer to just follow me around constantly! I will make it my mission this week to start getting some pictures of my recent projects so I can post them.

Okay, so I actually DO have pictures! My friend Kiley is coming with my brother and I to MYTH Masque, so I am quickly throwing together a costume for her that will complement the ones I have created for Garrin and I. Since Garrin and I are being Oberon and Titania, I figured the most logical addition to our party would be Puck. Female Puck!

Anyway… It is 90% done, I just need to add the sleeves which I will be fitting on her today. I just wanted to share this with you all :D

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