April 30, 2013

Update: Harry Potter and Quest for Camelot Commissions

Lots of really great things are starting to happen regarding my future online sewing business and I am quite excited to announce them!

First and foremost, I finally decided upon a name:  Dark Moon Designs.  The name has a little bit of the ethereal nature of my designs, with just an added touch of mysterious gothic fantasy.  It seems perfect…though I may change my mind about it later.  Dark Moon is another way of saying New Moon, which is the phase of the moon where we cannot see it from the Earth (for those of you not as obsessed with the Lunar calendar as I am).  Here is the logo:

It isn’t the best logo ever, and the typeface would probably make a graphic designer cry, but I have limited funds, so the only option for me if I wanted a logo was to make it myself.  So I pulled together my creative spirit and my limited knowledge of Photoshop and went to town.  I soon shall have business cards and clothing labels with this logo.  I cannot wait.

Secondly, I am currently up to my ears in sewing projects, which I absolutely adore.  I am finishing my friend’s costume for Myth Masque; I will have an entire post dedicated to that project later. 

I am also creating costumes for a volunteer project I’m doing this summer.  My mother and I are volunteering as teachers at Hogwarts for kids 1st-12th grade.  Actually, that is a lie.  My mother is the Religious Educator for the church, and is writing the Hogwarts curriculum.  I am volunteering.  When she asked me to do it my two qualifications were: 1. We will wear real costumes, not just cloaks and 2. I will be bring in HP sweets and drinks.  One cannot host a Hogwarts summer class and NOT have Butterbeer! 
 I decided I would be Madame Pince; it seemed fitting as she is the Librarian at Hogwarts and I was an English Major.  My mother is going to be Professor McGonagall because that is actually her maiden name.  I’m pretty excited to get these children as passionate about Harry Potter as I am.  Is it a bit obvious that I’m a huge fan?  Okay, okay…it’s blazingly obvious.  But, it’s Harry Potter!!  

My costume is an original design because Madame Pince’s is a touch too hot looking.  Those brocade shoulders….*swoons from the heat*, not exactly Arizona summer friendly.  Of course, my outfit will be quite hot, but not as hot as hers is.  I am making the costume that Professor McGonagall wears during the Yule Ball in movie number four for my mother.  It is my favorite of her costumes.  I am pretty excited to construct this one as I will be trying smocking for the first time.  It is a technique that I have studied, but never actually done.  It is a lot of work, but looks SO great when finished.  I will be giving updates on the construction of these costumes along the way. Here are the two designs:

Lastly, I am working on a commission for a Kayley costume from the movie: Quest for Camelot.  I was pretty dang ecstatic to receive this commission because I love Quest for Camelot.  If you have not seen it, I highly recommend this family friendly, hilarious, animated movie.  (IMDB here for more info)  I just bought the fabric for this one and cannot wait to get to work on it.

Thank you for stopping by!  Please leave any questions, thoughts, and comments, I love hearing from any readers :D


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