March 7, 2013

MYTH Masque Corset

MYTH Masque

So a while back I promised that I would share bits and pieces of my MYTH Masque costume.  I have been working on it, and it is nearly done, so I am going to finally post a piece of my costume.

This is my corset!  This is the first corset I have made with a plunging sweetheart, and I have got to say, it makes my gals look fabulous :D  I think my next corset is going to have to have a similar plunge...

The black swarovski crystals were applied using a hot fix tool, which is why the corset is on a pillow.  Its really hard to hold a corset, a crystal, and a hot fix tool in only two hands!  I made a boned floating panel for the back and laced the corset with red ribbon, which looks great in contrast with my mostly black costume.  

More of my costume will be appearing soon, I'm sure.  Although the final picture will not be until before the MYTH Masque.  Please let me know what you think; any questions or comments are always welcome! 

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