January 22, 2013

Captain John Hart Jacket

New Project

In my last post I talked about the jacket I had made for a friend who wanted a female version of the jacket that Captain John Hart wears in the TV show Torchwood.  Well she went to Ohayocon as Captain John Hart, and I have pictures.  She looked awesome, and every bit the part of Captain John Hart...with some added femininity.

I had so much fun on the project, even though it was entirely by hand...  These are the kind of projects that make life fun!

As for the New Project, I have bought my ticket for MYTH Masque in LA.  The Masquerade Ball is in May, and I cannot wait.  I have designed and started making my costume, and have designed a costume for a friend who is attending with me.  These costumes will be top secret until we attend, but I will give bits and pieces to my blog.  The one thing I shall reveal today, is that my costume includes a corset!  

As usual, please feel free to comment or ask questions, I would love to hear from any and all readers!

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