September 5, 2012

Carmel Apple Latte?

A Taste of Fall

With the coming of Fall, which happens to be my favorite season, comes the specialty drinks at Starbucks and the like.  I was disappointed, however, when I pulled up to get coffee this morning and their two highlighted drinks were pumpkin latte and salted caramel mocha latte.  I have been cravvvvving a caramel apple latte for the past three months while waiting for Fall to get here.  I was so excited upon seeing the “Fall Selections” sign when pulling into the drive-through, only to have my hopes dashed upon the road by the appearance of the two specialty drinks.  I got a white chocolate mocha and although it is one of my favorites at Starbucks, this morning it does not seem to be as satisfying.  I really hope Dunkin or Starbucks comes up with a caramel apple latte soon, I know they have had them in the past.  Since returning to Arizona, the thought of Fall seems depressing.   No crisp air, no scarves, no falling, multicolored leaves, no smarting eyes heralding the coming of Fall.  I am severely going to miss being in Ohio this Fall when it is still 100 degrees here and it is lovely there.  The latte would make me feel better, but as of yet, none is available.  I may have to remedy this myself by making my own… a recipe may be forthcoming.

(photo taken from Google Images)


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  2. It would be nice if they had more selection. Looking forward to what you may come up with!

    1. I absolutely agree! I am planning on trying out a recipe tonight. I'll post the results tomorrow! Thanks for visiting.