August 22, 2012

Confessor Dress: Part 3

Day Three (or Thirteen)

I have not posted in a while.  Honestly I have been working, I just had not taken the pictures to update until tonight.  I also took a break from my avid sewing of the costume to plan a Halloween party.  I decided that I was too old to go trick-or-treating and needed somewhere I could become a Confessor without feeling Juvenile.    Throwing a Halloween party should do the trick.  I have a lot of DIY projects planned that will probably be making their way onto this site as Halloween approaches.  So much to be excited about!

But anyway, back to the current sewing project.  Today I finished the underskirt.  I had put the pieces together about a week ago, but then was distracted by major car problems which sucked up all of my spare time.  I also forgot to buy a zipper and had to make a trip to go get a 14 inch black invisible zipper.  Today I finally sewed it into the underskirt, and finished the hem.  Viola! Simple underskirt.
I also finished making the straps for the corset.  Kahlan’s corset has leather straps with diamond shaped buckles.  I made the leather straps out of the same pleather I used on the cup of the bra, but had a terrible time finding a diamond metal piece that I could attach onto the straps.  I went to Joann’s and bought a metal embellished fastener, but didn’t love it.  At Hobby Lobby I found a few things that were okay but not perfect.  Then I went to SAS and by accident found two silver buckles for 25 cents that were perfect!  I love that place…it is a sewer’s heaven.  Anyway, I just slid them onto my leather straps and now all I have to do is attach the straps to the corset.
Everything is starting to come together very nicely, which is so exciting.  I now am nearly finished with Kahlan's underwear!

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